“The Best Realtor You will ever meet.”

Elaine Fleming is definitely the best realtor you will ever meet. She is brilliant, efficient, professional, and most importantly gave me, an anxious home seller, the peace of mind that I was in good hands. I couldn’t have been more taken care of.

She helped me sell my home, setting a record high in my neighborhood. The entire transaction went smoothly from beginning to end thanks to the sincere recommendations and clever marketing strategies provided by her capable team.

I have complete trust and confidence in Elaine. I highly recommend Elaine to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

 - Laura W.

"Elaine for all our family's realty needs."

Elaine worked with me through the purchase of a new home and the sale of my existing home. She quickly learned what I was looking for in a new house and found it for me in a few days. She directed me in what I needed to do to sell my existing home and it sold very quickly above asking price when we listed it.  She timed everything perfectly as well. We moved right into our new house just as our current house closed. This made everything so easy on my wife and children. From start to finish everything was seamless.  I intend to only use Elaine for all our family's realty needs.

- Ian G.

"Elaine really has allowed us to have wealth..."

Elaine Fleming has served as our realtor in two smooth and wonderful transactions. She has single handedly made it possible for my husband and I to be financially secure.

We first came to Elaine as newlyweds hoping to purchase our first home. I am a print journalist and my husband is a musician. Needless to say our income is modest. I didn't know if it was possible for us to afford a property. Could we get a loan? And if we did could we keep up with the monthly payments? Our parents were gifting us a size-able amount for a down payment so we had that. After talking to Elaine she gave us many options, but she also had a plan that would help us so much financially and made such great sense. She opened our minds to buying a duplex. We would live in one side and generate income from renting out the other side. I wasn't sure about this at first. We were a bit skeptical. But she showed us great places that were beautiful and afforded privacy for ourselves and tenants. Quickly she got us into a gorgeous duplex in Altadena. The rent from the rental actually covered ALL our mortgage. We were basically living free of cost.

After a few years we began talking again to Elaine because now we had a lot in savings and wanted a larger place as we were expecting a baby. She encouraged us to keep our first property for rental income and buy a second home. She found us another amazing property in San Diego that we absolutely loved. Now the rental income from the duplex is going toward the mortgage of our new home PLUS we are now making money and I can stop working and stay home with our new baby. Elaine really listens to your situation and tailors a solution just for you. She is so innovative and quick thinking. She gets things done and makes everything look easy. Home buying can be stressful, but not if Elaine is on your side. Without a doubt Elaine really has allowed us to have wealth instead of being in a financial struggle.

Thank you Elaine!

- Corie and Marcos D.

"What more can we say?"

Elaine Fleming is wonderful to work with. My wife and I are retirees living in a nice community. The upkeep of the house was getting to be too much for my wife and I. It seemed like every month there was some issue or the other.  I have a bad back and didn't want to strain myself anymore. We were contemplating selling the house and downsizing to a condo. We love the house and neighborhood, but the upkeep was wearing us down. Also, we felt like we needed more cash in hand to live comfortably. I contacted several realtors and Elaine was the fourth we met with. We knew right away that we wanted to work with her. She was upfront about her busy schedule, however, she always made it seem like we were her only clients. She dedicated a lot of time to us. After we explained our circumstances, Elaine offered a few plans of action for us. 

Instead of trying to sell us on another property she said we could try to make our current home manageable for us, since apart from upkeep we were happy here. We do not have children so she suggested getting a reverse mortgage. The bank would be paying us for our property and we could live in the house for our lifetimes.  She also found us a great contractor/handyman who takes care of all of our house upkeep.   We have a lot more monthly income now, so we do a lot of traveling and dining out. We can not thank Elaine enough. Each year my wife invites her to our annual Christmas party and she always takes the time to stop by. What more can we say?  She is a true gem. 

- George F.